Request for recommendations: shared database without a server

EP eric.pederson at
Thu Oct 5 21:46:42 CEST 2006

I need to build a fairly simple application that will reside on remote
storage, not on a server, and I am looking for any best practices and
approaches that have worked for others.  I believe py2exe may be part
of the solution.  Here's what I need to build:

--  A database application on a network drive
--  A variety of users will access the database application at various
--  All computing is done on the client machines (Windows XP), as there
is no server
--  I'll not be able to install a database program, or Python, on the
client machines

While this seems just the sort of application servers were designed
for, the absence of a server is a firm constraint (no technological
reason, just an arbitrary wall of infinite height)

I currently have some of the required database tables populated in
MySQL, but I can migrate them as long as I have SQL capabilities in the
new database.

Can I get there with MySQL?  Or do I need to pair a pure python
approach (including the database) with py2exe?  Has anyone achieved
this with a db framework like Dabo?  Or is there another, entirely
different and better approach?

The common wisdom around the halls is to just use MS Access, because
apparently everyone has that on their client machines, or can be
asked/expected to install it.  That's not my preference, but I need to
forget my biases, be pragmatic and get the application done.

Thanks for any advice


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