Google breaks Usenet (was Re: How can I correct an error in an old post?)

Blair P. Houghton blair.houghton at
Mon Oct 9 02:25:27 CEST 2006

Bryan Olson wrote:
> Blair P. Houghton wrote:
> > Usenet isn't just the "send this message to all leaf nodes via tree"
> > behavior,
> > it's the "show me the message from 1987 or 1988 written by dickie
> > sexton where
> > he invents the '(*plonk*)' meme" behavior, and a lot of others.
> That makes Google the only non-broken Usenet service,
> the opposite of what the retitling of this thread claims.

It takes more than /one/ non-broken behavior to make
a non-broken system.


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