WSGI - How Does It Affect Me?

Gregory Piñero gregpinero at
Mon Oct 9 18:56:18 CEST 2006

Thanks for all the answers everyone.  It's finally starting to come
together for me.  Bruno, I tried reading some tutorials but perhaps I
made the content out to be more complicated than it really was and got

So my final question is if WSGI will work on any web hosting company
that supports Python.  Mine currently is Nearly Free Speech and will
probably be running Python 2.5 soon (if that matters)  I'd like to try
out at some point on there.  It looks like a nice framework.
Eventually maybe I'll try all of them.

(Sorry for not quoting here, but I'm kind of replying to everyone and
bottom posting would be really confusing I thinks?  Mailing list
poetic license perhaps ;-)


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