python GUIs comparison (want)

Cameron Walsh cameron.walsh at
Tue Oct 24 08:05:35 CEST 2006

jiang.haiyun at wrote:
> Now i began to learn GUI programming. There are so many
> choices of GUI in the python world, wxPython, pyGTK, PyQT,
> Tkinter, .etc, it's difficult for a novice to decide, however.
> Can you draw a comparison among them on easy coding, pythonish design,
> beautiful and generous looking, powerful development toolkit, and
> sufficient documentation, .etc.
> It's helpful for a GUI beginner.
> Thank you.
> :)Sorry for my poor english.

I googled "python gui compare" a while back and got as the first result.

Every variation on the values I entered seemed to point me to wxPython, 
which I'm still using now.  However, they seem to think that EasyGUI is 
the easiest to learn, but that it suffers on "Maturity, documentation, 
breadth of widget selection".

All the best,


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