invert or reverse a string... warning this is a rant

DaveM asma61 at
Tue Oct 24 01:27:01 CEST 2006

On Thu, 19 Oct 2006 20:07:27 -0400, Brad <rtilley at> wrote:

>It has been my experience that Python has discouraging forums with 
>someone always calling someone else an idiot or telling them they are 
>awful in some way. I love Python, but the community is way too negative, 
>uptight and generally down on users who do not have PhD's in CS or Math.

>Do you have children? How would your child feel if he brought you 
>something he had made and you then told him it was awful in *sooo* many 
>ways. How does that reflect on you and the community you represent?

Wow. Maybe I have thicker skin than you, or perhaps you're a professional
whose self-worth has been damaged, but I would have been grateful for that
critique, not angry. To each his own, I suppose.


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