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"Martin v. Löwis" <martin at> writes:

> In my experience [...] it's either the original author who provides
> binaries, or none are provided.  People certainly build it
> themselves, but then never share.

IIRC, the early days of Mozilla (after the code was released as free
software) had the developers releasing source code, and the community
providing binary builds.

Battle for Wesnoth also works this way.

> There are exceptions, of course: when communities are built. There
> is no question that binaries are available with the Linux
> distributions, and the various Sun, HP, IBM, Darwinports, etc. free
> software sites also have an established contributorship. For
> Windows, such communities apparently don't form, for some reason.

All the cases I can recall are for projects where the code is designed
to work on multiple architectures without much tweaking. So it seems
to fit this case fine.

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