SOAPpy and callback

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Sat Oct 14 03:05:29 CEST 2006

> I like your term "standard-wise".  Although there is nothing in the SOAP 
> "standard" that prevents this architecture, it is probably open for 
> discussion whether it is "wise."

Might stem from "standardweise", the german word for something that is 
part of a standard, or e.g. something always having this or that feature.

> As it happens, the client and server *don't* share the same process space - 
> they don't even share the same computer.
> And it *does* work, I'm running the software on a couple of systems in my 
> office right now.

Maybe we have a misunderstanding here. I'm not a native speaker, so bear 
  with me.

In CORBA or RMI, there is a notion of an object/interface reference 
passed around, which allows for callbacks in a natural way. Which is 
AFAIK not the case in SOAP. Hell, they don't even know objects and 
stateful connections...

That you obviously can define a system that needs several SOAP servers 
to interact with each other - well, you could also perform inter process 
communication using printed documents, some horses and either OCR or 
data typists. But this isn't exactly inter process communication in my 
book, albeit there certainly _are_ processes, _and_ communication :)


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