python GUIs comparison (want)

Christophe chris.cavalaria at
Wed Oct 25 11:04:57 CEST 2006

Fredrik Lundh a écrit :
> Christophe wrote:
>>>> Also, the Tkinter API is far less elegant than the others.
>>> huh?  create object, display object, create object, display object. 
>>> sure looks like plain old Python to me...
>> Let's see :
>> .pack(side = "left")
>> fred = Button(self, fg = "red", bg = "blue")
>> fred["fg"] = "red"
>> fred.bind("<Enter>", turnRed)
>> Yep, unelegant API I mantain 
> yuck.  if that's the kind of UI programs you're writing, we sure have 
> different design ideals.
Those are all small code examples you find in the Python manual! They 
are not a working program in itself and should not be taken so. I just 
state my point about an ugly API with them.

> and arguing that Tkinter is unelegant when you're doing silly things in 
> a silly way is a bit like arguing that Python is unelegant because your 
> first attempt to write a "hello world" program resulted in:
>      import sys
>      # .stdout.write("Hello World") # gives unusable error message
>      from sys import stdout as glah
>      glah.writelines(iter(" ".join(["h3110", "W0rlD"])))
>> And no modern layout manager available. Only those old school 
>> left/right/up/down pack and anchors are available.
> huh?  when did you last look at Tk?  1994?
Yesterday. In fact, I could find no mention at all of layout managers 
others than those working with anchors. Anchors are soooo old school 
nowadays :)

Honestly, I can't stand using anchors or the Packer anymore. The systems 
used in wx, Qt are much better. Use them once and you cannot live 
without them anymore.

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