hundreds of seconds?

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Thu Oct 12 07:55:23 CEST 2006

python's time is as old as glibc's time(). A more clear interface as
Java should be implements! though i'm not has the ability to do this.
maybe some "volenties" could do out the favor.

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> Hi all
> How can I access partial seconds on the system clock?
> I measure air speed and water flow in a heat-exchanger test stand and
> count pulses from both water meter and air speed meter. I divide the
> amount of these counts over a certain interval with the time of that
> interval. Since I only have seconds, I need to wait 100 seconds for may
> calculation is I want a precision of 1%.
> The radiator fan that I use can't stand these long intervals, 'cause I
> run it with 24V and 50 Amps to get decent airflow (10m/s) through my
> heat exchanger.
> Again: how do I get the hundreds of seconds from the system clock?
> In Pascal it was:  GetTime( Hr1, Min1, Sec1, cSec1);  (yes, I'm that
> old).
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