IDE that uses an external editor?

Jorge Godoy jgodoy at
Sun Oct 15 23:30:17 CEST 2006

skip at writes:

>     >> #> I realize I can do a lot within Emacs/XEmacs, but I suspect with a
>     >> #> tool like Eclipse I could do more. However, I don't want to give
>     >> #> up the text editing power of Emacs to get it.
>     ...
>     Ramon> I've tried using Eclipse several times, because several good
>     Ramon> meaning people told me things like "you coud do more". 
> My observation about Eclipse comes simply from watching one of the other
> developers at work use it.  I'd like to give it a try, but not at the
> expense of giving up Emacs.

Eclipse: just a GUI over a subset of Emacs today.

One day, when it evolves, it will be something interesting...  I won't give up
on Emacs loading fast and allowing me to work remotely for something that
makes the machine crawl and requires almost all of the RAM I have.

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