doesnt seems to work can any help be provided

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Fri Oct 27 07:46:36 CEST 2006

Ben Finney wrote:

> Apparently that learning also didn't include the prohibitions against
> colluding with others. Nevertheless, I'll bet they are still present.

    Part G6


    A student colludes when he or she works without permission with
    another person or persons to produce work which is then presented as
    work completed independently by the student.

    Collusion includes, but is not limited to:

    - writing the whole or part of an assignment with another person;

    - using the notes of another person to prepare an assignment;

    - using for an assignment the resource materials of another person
      that have been annotated or parts of the text highlighted or
      underlined by that person;

    - allowing another student, who has to submit an assignment on the
      same topic, access to one's own assignment under conditions which
      would give that other student an advantage in submitting his or her


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