Python and CMS

Echo oshecho at
Sun Oct 22 13:58:41 CEST 2006

I am going to start working on a church website. And since I like
python, I decided to use WSGI. However, I later found out about all
the different CMS's in php. So I wondered if there where any in

Sadly, I only found Plone, skeletonz, and PyLucid (If there is any
more, please let me know). Of those three, only PyLucid supports WSGI
and it didn't look very nice to me.
Both Plone and skeletonz looked very nice. However, they can't be
hosted on a regular web host(at least to my knowledge) since they run
as the web server themselves. So hosting would cost more, at least 2-3
times more from what I've seen.

So I'm thinking of making a python CMS based on WSGI. I'm now trying
to figure out a few things like the best way to store the content and
how to manage/use plugins. For storing the content, the only ways I
know of are as files or in a database. But I'm not sure what would be
better. And as for how to do plugings, I plan on looking at Plone and

As for working with WSGI, I have found
Colubrid( and
Paste( I was wondering if anyone knew of any
other libraries that make working with WSGI easier. Also, I wondering
if anyone would like to share their experiences of working with those.

ps. I know that this is a big and complicated project. But no matter
how far I get, it will be fun because its Python:)

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