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Kevin Walzer kw at
Tue Oct 24 19:24:12 CEST 2006

Christophe wrote:
> Kevin Walzer a écrit :
>> Christophe wrote:
>>> Since when is "based on C++ toolkit" a con?
>> If you don't know C++ (as is the case with me), then it's difficult to
>> do a C++-to-Python translation in looking at code examples.
> As if a toolkit based on C would be much easier.
> In fact, I would even say that C++ -> Python is much much easier than C
> -> Python for GUI toolkits.

Well, Tk isn't *based* on C (it's written in C, but it doesn't wrap a
lower-level GUI framework for C). Tk is my preferred toolkit. But then,
I'm a Tcl developer by background, and less experienced with Python.

For what it's worth, the reason I learned Tcl before Python is because I
wanted to learn a GUI package that was native/specific to the
programming language in question, and Tcl/Tk is the only instance of
this in scripting languages. With Python, as far as I know, every GUI
toolkit in question was developed for another language (Tcl, C/C++,
etc.), and is wrapped by Python.  It makes learning GUI programming in
Python a daunting task for a newbie.

Kevin Walzer
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