Handling emails

Fulvio fulvio at tm.net.my
Tue Oct 24 17:41:36 CEST 2006

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On Tuesday 24 October 2006 03:07, Gerard Flanagan wrote:
> The 'PopClient' class here might help you:
Thank you, both for the replies.
Surely I'll peep on that code ;-) to gather a wider perspective. A small 
negative point is that for pop deals I've gotten a good success :-) But I 
don't give up, perhaps it there'll be some good idea.
I'm more interested for the IMAP side of the issue, even I might avoid for my 
own purposes.

Last, suppose to publish the "thing" where will it be the appropriate site?
At the present my program can do filtering and sincronizing with local MUA 
trash. Small problems with IMAP protocol, but it may work for POP3 or  IMAP4 
on regex filter options. Alfa testers (cooperators) needed ;-)


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