(semi-troll): Is Jython development dead?

Ray ray_usenet at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 10 03:48:25 CEST 2006

Sloan.Kohler at gmail.com wrote:
> Is Jython development dead or has it just seemed that way for over a
> year?. The jython.org website has a recent new appearance (but no new
> content) and there is some message traffic on the developer site at
> Sourceforge.  However nothing has been released for over a year (i.e.
> no support for Python 2.3, 2.4 or 2.5).  Is seems that IronPython may
> have a better future than Jython.
> I know this is a bit of a troll but I'm concerned about choosing Jython
> as the basis for a cross platform test scipt execution environment.

> Does anyone know if a Jython update is imminent?

There was a time when Jython walked like the dead and quacked like the
dead but if you dared calling it dead or asking whether it was really
dead you'd be admonished that it was open source and you should've just
gone to the repository and hack some Jython code. (Or the ever popular
response: that Jython 2.1 works <insert some nice-sounding adjective
here, e.g.: beautifully, perfectly, etc.>, so why bother asking about
2.2 and beyond?).

Also, thankfully, it's picking up again, thanks to Frank Wierzbicki,
et. al.--just check out the jython-dev mailing list, seems that new
bloods are coming in. AFAIK they're trying to get a release for 2.2
ASAP, then from there go to other versions--I think there was even a
talk about jumping versions (e.g.: probably skipping 2.3 or something)
somewhere in the list... I'm not sure how it was concluded though.
Personally after 2.2 is out I think they might as well jump to 2.5

So, what is your main concern here that 2.1 doesn't address? Because if
your concern is that you're using a dead thing as your environment,
it's rising from the dead. But if your concern is that you want to use
features in Python 2.4 in Jython, might as well look for other
solutions--it'll be some time before a version that supports that comes

> - Sloan

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