Best IDE?

robert no-spam at
Sat Oct 14 15:50:09 CEST 2006

Ahmer wrote:
> What do you guys use?
> Why?
> What do you like and hate about it?
> What platform(s) is it avalable on?
> How much does it cost?
> etc.

On Windows...

I uninstalled Komodo (several times; fat, crashes, slow debugger ...)
I uninstalled Wing
I uninstalled Boa
I uninstalled PythonWorks (does it still exist?)
I uninstalled SPE (nice homework, but bugs and no continuity)

I still live with good old Pythonwin coming with the win32all package by 
Its fast, direct, no rubbish, extensible/open source, keys go 
efficiently the way you know from MS / Borland, the joint in-thread 
debugger & interactive is a plus for iteratively evolving python code 
(from scripts to bigger apps) at high speed.

On *nix I didn't invest in learning one.
Maybe eric3 (is there similar confusion as with Boa?)

Generally I'd say: Python is a language so good that at best it IS 
itself the IDE. Tools should be around a main interactive prompt, which 
carries forth life status. This paradigm allows for best tool automation 
(and integration of different tools) and code iteration.
Thus: Python should use the (IDE) tools - And NOT: the IDE uses Python 
(as one is accustomed to in compiler langs)


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