Click and Drag Functionality in Web Apps with Python

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Oct 12 15:54:26 CEST 2006

Wijaya Edward wrote:
> Hi,
> Some recent webapps like Kiko <> , Google's gadget <> , and spreadsheets <>  to name a few, 
> have this functionality. 
> I wonder how can this funcitonalities be implemented in Python. 
> Do you guys have any experience with it?
> Any Python module that support that?
> Regards,
> Edward WIJAYA

In order for your request to make sense Python would have to be 
available as a browser programming language. This has been done (by Mark 
Hammond as part of the win32all extensions), but for security reasons it 
is no longer installed by default, and it's not sufficiently widespread 
to make such solutions really worthwhile.

If you are talking about web servers *delivering* such interactive code, 
then there is no inherent difference between Python and other web 
servers - they just deliver the interactive code to the browser. Bob 
Ippolito's MochiKit is quite Pythonic in nature.

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