Starting out.

Ahmer ahmerhussain at
Fri Oct 13 16:26:59 CEST 2006

>From what I can see Python and PHP have VERY simillar syntax (sorry if
I offended anyone but I am a "n00b".)

On Oct 13, 12:54 am, malkaro... at wrote:
> Ahmer wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > I am a 15 year old High School Sophomore. I would like to start
> > programming in Python. In school, we are learning Java (5) and I like
> > to use the Eclipse IDE, I also am learning PHP as well.
> > What are some ways to get started (books, sites, etc.)? I am usually on
> > linux, but I have a windows box and am planning on getting a mac.Generally good choices. I don't prefer PHP, however. For somebody who
> is learning programming, it encourages sloppy programming.
> I would suggest that you use PyDev (, a
> Python plugin for Eclipse, for Python programming. It is a helpful
> environment, especially for somebody already using Eclipse.
> For resources, I suggest you take a look at is for
> non-programmers. If you feel like checking other resources, more are
> linked to
> Best luck,
> k

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