Using Python scripts in Windows Explorer

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py at
Mon Oct 23 22:17:42 CEST 2006

At Monday 23/10/2006 07:53, Ben Sizer wrote:

> > >I'd like to be able to drag a file onto a Python script in Windows
> > >Explorer, or send that file to the script via the Send To context-menu
> > >option, so I can then process that file via sys.argc.
> > >
> > >Unfortunately, I can't drag items onto the Python script, because
> > >Windows doesn't recognise that the script is executable (unless I
> > >double-click it, upon which it runs as usual, without the command line
> > >parameter of course)
> >
> > Create a shortcut and drop the file over it.
>Doesn't work; the mouse cursor changes to the "not permitted" sign and
>when you release the mouse, nothing happens.

@WorksForMe (on XPSP2 with local administrator rights)
(but I've used such shortcuts even on Windows 98)
Perhaps it's some configuration, or you don't have enough permission 
to do that.

> > >and won't set it as a drop target. And it won't
> > >even appear in the Send To menu after the usual steps are taken to get
> > >it there.
> >
> > Same here: put a shortcut to the script on your SendTo folder
> > (wherever it resides)
>That is what I meant by 'the usual steps'. :)  It doesn't work.

Same as above! I think you should ask on a Windows newsgroup.

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