Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

Giovanni Bajo noway at
Thu Oct 5 11:37:04 CEST 2006

Martin v. Löwis wrote:

>> In fact, are you absolutely positive that you need so much effort to
>> maintain an existing bugtracker installation? I know for sure that
>> GCC's Bugzilla installation is pretty much on its own; Daniel Berlin
>> does some maintainance every once in a while (upgrading when new
>> versions are out, applying or writing some patches for most
>> requested features in the community, or sutff like that), but it's
>> surely not his job, not even part-time.
> Daniel Berlin has put a tremendous amount of work into it. I know,
> because I set up the first bug tracker for gcc (using GNATS), and
> have been followed the several years of pondering fairly closely.
> It was quite some work to set up GNATS, and it was even more work
> to setup bugzilla.
> For Python, we don't have any person similar to Daniel Berlin
> (actually, we have several who *could* have done similar work,
>  but none that ever volunteered to do it). Don't underestimate
> the work of somebody else.

Martin, I am by no means understimating Daniel's work. I am just noting that
the spare-time work he did is, by definition, much much lower than the "6-10
people" that the PSF infrastructure committee is calling for. I would like this
statement to be officially reduced to "2-3 people", since it is *really* not
required much more than that to setup a bug tracker installation, and no more
than 1 person to maintain it afterwards. *IF* there are more volunteers, that's
good, they can offload the maintenance work from a single maintainer; but I
think it's unfair to put such a high *requisite*.

We do not have 6-10 people maintaining SVN afterall, even if you wish we had :)
Giovanni Bajo

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