Can any one help with solving this program it just doesnt take probability of the second team

Arun Nair nairarunv at
Thu Oct 26 08:55:31 CEST 2006

''' Can anyone help me with this program it just takes probability of
the first team and runs the program doesnt takes the probability of the
second team even though specified'''

from random import *

def volleySimulation():
    probA, probB, n = getInputs()
    winA, winB = simGames(n, probA, probB)
    printSummary(winA, winB)

def printInstructions():
    print "This program stimulates a game of Volley Ball between two
teams i.e. Team A and Team B"
    print "The abilities of each team is indicated by a probability
that determines which team wins the points."
    print "We assume that Team A always serves first"

def getInputs():
    print "Enter the probability for both team winning the serve in
between 0 and 1"
    probA = input("Enter the probability of Team A winning a serve")
    probB = input("Enter the probability of Team B winning a serve")
    n = input("Enter the number of games that you want to simulate:")
    return probA, probB, n

def simGames(n, probA, probB):
    winA = 0
    winB = 0
    for i in range(n):
        scoreA, scoreB = simGame(probA, probB)
        if scoreA > scoreB:
            winA = winA + 1
            winB = winB + 1
    return winA, winB

def simGame(probA, probB):
    scoreA = 0
    scoreB = 0
    serving = "A"
    while not gameOver(scoreA, scoreB):
        if serving == "A":
            if random() < probA:
                scoreA = scoreA + 1
                serving == "B"
            if random() < probB:
                scoreB = scoreB + 1
                serving == "A"
    return scoreA, scoreB

def gameOver(a, b):
    return (a == 15 or b == 15) and ((a - b) > 2 ) or ((a - b) < -2)

def printSummary(winA, winB):
    n = winA + winB
    print "Games simulated:", n
    print "Wins for A: %d (%0.1f%%)" % (winA, float(winA)/n*100)
    print "Wins for B: %d (%0.1f%%)" % (winB, float(winB)/n*100)


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