PyDev + Eclipse (Was: Re: What's the best IDE?)

Michael B. Trausch mike$#at^&nospam!%trauschus
Thu Oct 26 18:10:30 CEST 2006

Kenneth McDonald wrote:
> With the most recent edition of PyDev, I find Eclipse works quite well
> for me.

Since you mentioned it, I have a question that searching around and
poking around has not solved for me, yet.

Do you have auto-completion working with your setup?  It does not seem
to work at all for me.  I have read through the configuration help, and
there are no firewalls on my system at all, and everything else works
save for auto-completion, which I have had to disable.  If left enabled,
even with low timeouts, I have to kill Eclipse and start it again.  :-/

Other than that, I find that it is absolutely wonderful.  I have used
Eclipse in the past for PHP based projects, and intend on using it for
Java projects in the future (my school has Java classes in its
curriculum instead of C classes... joy).

	-- Mike

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