Getting Pygopherd to work under Mac OS X

Cameron Kaiser ckaiser at
Wed Oct 4 14:50:01 CEST 2006

mattabat at writes:

>Could someone *please* show us poor Mac users how to install and run
>Pygopherd successfully under Mac OS X? The latest version 2.0.4, as
>found at is my bane. I think I
>talked to John Goerzen, the maintainer, a while back but nothing came
>of it.
>I've tried this twice now, following the instructions given and have
>found nothing but grief and many errors.
>For a Python app it seems to be rather platform dependant! Does
>Pygopherd need to be altered somehow to work under OS X?
>If Pygopherd is a lost cause, can someone recommend another
>*maintained* gopher daemon with instructions that would allow its' use
>under OS X?

Can you be more specific about what doesn't work? I'm not sure what you
mean by platform dependent in this case.

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