Restart a Python COM Server

olsongt at olsongt at
Wed Oct 18 16:50:02 CEST 2006

m.errami at wrote:
> Hello all.
> I am desperately in need for you help guys. Here is the story:
> 1- I have created a small simple COM serve with python (along the lines
> read in Win32 Programming with python).
> 2- If I start the server and call a function from VBE everything works
> fine
> 3- I then want to modify the function in the python COM server
> 4- I unregister the server and register it again hoping the changes
> will take effect
> 5- I make call to the function from VBE but the it seems that VBE
> doesn't reload/refresh the reference to the server.
> So I do I get VBE to point to the last version of the server? If I
> close VBE and reload it then it works. But I think there is probably a
> smarter way. Please, tell me there is!
> Few posts deal with the issue, but so far I couldn't find anything
> about it...
> Thanx all
> M.E

I don't know how well this works for python-based COM components, but
the general fix is to setup a Component Services package.  This creates
a proxy component which can be independently killed from the Component
Services management console.

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