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> > 
> > Is pylab part of matplotlib? 
> Yes.
> > I always thought it was the other way 
> > around. I have a similar view of numpy as part of scipy. 
> It is not.
> > Maybe I'm 
> > confused on the dependencies.  I find it confusing in the examples 
> > sometimes when the "bigger" package is imported (e.g. scipy) and then a 
> > "subpackage" is also imported.  Like this:
> > 
> > from scipi import *
> > from scipi import numpy
> The latter would definitely be bad form if it worked. numpy is a package all 
> by 
> itself and should be imported by itself.
> > I know I've seen stuff like that, but I don't get it.  The dependencies 
> > are confusing to me.  
> pylab is a module provided with matplotlib that exposes a nice interface for 
> certain purposes. Somewhat confusingly, it is provided in two places, as its 
> own 
> module:
>    import pylab
> and as a submodule in the matplotlib package:
>    from matplotlib import pylab
> Both do the same thing. You get to ask John Hunter if you want to know the 
> whys 
> and wherefores.


Got it.  Thanks, Robert, for the quick tutorial.  It's a lot clearer now.

Now, to just remember it.  

By the way, from what I have seen so far they are beautiful packages.

The only problem I'm having is getting ipython to run.  Not installed in 
/usr/local/bin (although all other IPython files look to be installed in 
/Library/Framewaorks/python...blah/site-packages).  I'm still searching 
the web sites for answers.

But all else seems to run pretty smoothly.

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