python GUIs comparison (want)

Douglas Soares de Andrade dsa at
Wed Oct 25 18:57:39 CEST 2006

Stephen Eilert escreveu:
> BartlebyScrivener wrote:
>> Well, I am woefully unqualified to speak to the general state of Python
>> gui frameworks, but I am in a similar situation as the OP, i.e., a
>> beginner looking to TRY some easy gui programming in Python. Not being
>> a computer science person, just an amateur scripter, I tend to learn
>> best from lots of examples.
>> With all of that as background, I downloaded the latest wxPython demos
>> and docs yesterday. I suggest that the OP do the same. The
>> program is an amazing piece of work. It's loaded with specific examples
>> which allow you to view the frame or dialog etc, and then look behind
>> it to see the code used to create it.
>> rd
> You can also download wxGlade and ask it to generate the code for you.
> You just have to layout the components the way you want it, wxGlade
> does the rest. Even though there are tons of wxWidgets components it
> does not support, you can put something as a placeholder and just
> replace the code later.
> For looks, speed, ease of use (even though it is not Pythonic),
> platform compatibility and use of native widgets, my vote goes to
> wxPython. If you don't mind adding another layer (as I doubt the
> runtime performance suffers much - if at all), there is dabo.ui (thanks
> to whoever pointed it out to me).
> PyQT looks good... under KDE, alien under Win32.

PyQt4 is already out and trust me... Is it great :o)

Phil is doing a great job with it and Detlev (Eric3/4 developer) already 
released some snapshots of eric4, so the windows python users can expect 
a great python enviroment in the future.
>  PyGTK looks good under
> Gnome, and acceptable on Win32, even if their widgets do not always act
> as Win32 users would expect.

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