Artificial Mind - Part One - Basic Architecture and Cognitive Structure is now available

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Tue Oct 3 14:10:20 CEST 2006

tommak wrote:
> It's a dream of human beings to build machines that can think and
> behave like human beings.  The most important part of of such a machine
> is an artificial mind that can emulate the cognitive processing of
> human mind.
> This book, "Next Generation Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Mind -
> Part One - Basic Architecture and Cognitive Structure" introduces a
> basic artificial mind architecture and computational model for
> cognitive processing.  Inside the book, three important cognitive
> process modeling components, mental objects network (MON),
> associative-learning mechanisms and a concept formation principle are
> introduced.  Based on the architecture and the computational model, one
> can develop his own model of artificial mind according to his own
> specific requirements.
> The first edition of Artificial Mind - Part One is now available for
> purchase from the author's personal web site. The price of the e-book
> is USD7.00 (seven US dollars).  An evaluation edition of this e-book is
> also available for download from the web site.
> The author's personal web site:
I'm afraid you'll have to do a bit better than this feeble spam to 
persuade us that it wasn't written by the author of the work in question.


PS "Python Web Programming" is still available through all good 
bookstores ;)
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