Python windows interactive.

Tiefeng Wu icebergwtf at
Tue Oct 31 02:49:18 CET 2006

> notejam wrote:
> Thanks everyone for the help.   I got a simple two line program to work
> from a text file.
> Can not figure out how to write more than one line in interpreter mode.
> Is that all interpreter is good for, testing one liners?  I have it
> run the program everytime I hit return, and can not figure out how to
> enter multiple lines of code.  I can do multiple lines in text file, so
> no problem, but I am jsut wondering can a program with 2 or more lines
> be wrote from the interpreter mode?

I think for this purpose you can just define a function, like this:

>>> def test():
...    print "Hello"
...    print "World"
>>> test()


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