A suggestion/request for IDEs

Harold Trammel h.trammel at insightbb.com
Thu Oct 19 21:46:19 EDT 2006

John Salerno wrote:
> I apologize for the slightly off-topic nature, but I thought I'd just 
> throw this out there for anyone working on text editors or IDEs with 
> auto-completion.
> I think it should be a feature, when an item is selected for 
> auto-completion in a drop-down box, that pressing the spacebar (in 
> addition to tab or enter) will automatically finish the word and add a 
> space. This is how Microsoft's new IDEs for .NET work, and I found it 
> very helpful to be able to just press space as normal and keep typing. I 
> know it sounds minor, but I find it to be a time saver instead of having 
> to press tab or enter, and then also the spacebar.
> Thanks.

I use Eclipse with PyDev and PyDev extensions.  SlickEdit (awesome 
editor) has auto-completion as well.

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