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DarkBlue nomail at nixmail.com
Sat Oct 7 16:29:16 CEST 2006

David Boddie wrote:

> On Saturday 07 October 2006 14:59, DarkBlue wrote:
>> In linux I use kmail as my email client under KDE,
>> if a message comes in the Kontact button in the
>> taskbar changes to blue.
>> How can I have the same behaviour in a python app ?
> You need to activate the window associated with the application.
>> I have a python script which runs nicely under linux
>> now every so often I want to be notified by some event,
>> in this case that a record has been added to a database
>> and I want to have the application button in the taskbar
>> to change color
> If the script is running in a console, you'll need to activate
> the window containing the console. I tried doing this by accessing
> konsole's DCOP interface, but couldn't find a suitable method to
> call. If you know which konsole your script is running in, you might
> find that you can raise the window with
>   dcop konsole-<pid> konsole-mainwindow#1 raise
> where <pid> is the process ID of the konsole. This might have the
> effect of causing its taskbar button to change color. You can find
> information about the konsole from the KONSOLE_* environment
> variables.
> It would be good if konsole had a DCOP method that enabled you to
> activate its window, or if kicker exported an interface for the
> taskbar, or even if kwin had some way of letting you activate a
> window given its ID. Unfortunately, I couldn't find methods for
> any of these, so you would have to think about using PyKDE to get
> at this functionality.
> It would be good if someone could prove me wrong on any of this. ;-)
> David

My python app actually is a pythoncard app
which I hope will make things easier.


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