How to be a good programmers?

Gasikara rijamoria at
Thu Oct 12 15:31:19 CEST 2006

Eric_Dexter at wrote:
> rijamoria at wrote:
> > I just started to learn python programming because I need to be in the
> > group when google come in Madagascar, So I want to know, what kind of
> > python programming I have to start to learn? Zope?...?
> > Sorry for My english! You can writ me on rijamoria at
> > thanks!
> Let me know and I can get you some expierence using some of pythons
> functions that you can build your resume with.  My goal is to be
> featured in csound journal or at least
> "He is either a satinist or some kind of programmer with that snake
> book" quote (C) 2006

OKAY, I will look this

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