advice for web-based image annotation

Brian Blais bblais at
Thu Oct 19 18:35:00 CEST 2006


I want to set up a system where I can have my family members write comments about a 
number of pictures, as part of a family tree project.  Essentially, I want them to be 
able to log into a website (I already have the webspace, and the server runs python, 
but not mod_python), see images, and be able to fill in text boxes for comments and 
enter dates for the pictures.  These comments and dates will then be viewable by the 
others logging in, so that I can keep track of collect stories, details, dates, 
etc...and also, who is writing what, when.

I've written some basic CGI python scripts, and can imagine how to do this, but I was 
wondering if it would better to look into a framework like cherrypy, turbogears, 
zope, etc.  I have never done any database programming, but have written CGI scripts 
to modify excel sheets and text files to store state.  I am not adverse to learning 
the database end, but I don't want to climb that hill unless I feel there is a 
significant benefit.  I don't have admin rights on the server, if that makes a 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


				Brian Blais


              bblais at

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