Best IDE?

Christoph Haas email at
Tue Oct 17 20:40:01 CEST 2006

On Saturday 14 October 2006 00:40, sjdevnull at wrote:
> Ahmer wrote:
> > What do you guys use?
> vim
> Like:
> Built-in python interpreter so you can do any editor customizations in
> Python
> Good multilanguage support (Python, but also C, C++, Java, HTML, XML,
> SQL, and dozens of others)
> Good code navigation via smart tags
> Does intelligent completion of module members, methods, etc
> Python syntax checking on the fly (e.g. typing "if a=1:" and hitting
> enter flags the error immediately)
> Class browsing support (whatever I'm editing, there's a class menu to
> either pop up to the parent(s), down to children, or jump around
> various methods within the class)
> Automatically show function/method docstrings/leading comments (and
> documentation for standard functions), synopsis in the status bar or
> full text in a popup window if you hit F1
> Configurable project support so for large projects it is smart about
> which parts of the source tree might be relevant to what I'm working on
> right now
> Runs in text-mode or GUI, so I can use the same editor making quick
> edits over ssh that I use in my on-desktop development
> Hate:
> Required a lot of customization to get all of the above

I have browsed many vim plugins. Still I couldn't find everything you gush 
about. I would love to have the comfort of vim with the smartness of 
ipython. Could you give a few pointers to a curious geek with too much 
spare time on how you did all this? I couldn't even get ctags working 


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