Tkinter--does anyone use it for sophisticated GUI development?

Wektor wektorian at
Sat Oct 21 17:17:22 CEST 2006

Kevin Walzer wrote:
> sturlamolden wrote:
> > Christophe wrote:
> >
> >> Nobody mentionned it, but I think you should try PyQT and PyGTK before
> >> wxPython. Myself, I do not like wx : it looks too much like the MFC.
> >>
> >> PyGTK is good, but GTK doesn't work that well on windows.
> >
> > GTK and PyGTK works well on Windows now. GTK used to be unstable on
> > Windows, but that has been taken care of. I would not use anything else
> > but PyGTK for GUI development in Python. Go here to get the Windows
> > port:
> >
> >
> >
> > With PyGTK and GLADE, the GUI can be designed in GLADE and imported as
> > an XML-resource (using libglade). It saves us of all the tedious
> > GUI-programming. All that is needed is the event handlers, which we
> > obviously have to code. When they are done, we simply put references to
> > them in a dictionary, and tell libglade to dispacth on it. All the GUI
> > programming crap is hidden away. Since there is no actual GUI code in
> > Python, it also makes maintenance and upgrading much easier: The GUI
> > can be redesigned in GLADE without affecting the Python code. Have you
> > ever tried to change anything in an MFC project with Visual C++? It's a
> > nightmare.
> >
> I'm a Mac developer--Gtk does not run natively on the Mac (i.e. as an
> Aqua framework), only under X11. So that's a non-starter for me.

You have 2 choices then wxWidgets or Qt.
wx has also graphical editors like Glade (there is a wxGlade project)
giving a xml description of a window and its cross platform.
I know there are graphical for Qt but i dont know if theyre giving xml
or are just code-generators.
You could also do gui in Java or .Net and use python with their native
interpreter (jython is a bit outdated but IronPython is "online")
You can also use a local web app with one of cool Python'ish web
frameworks -- id suggest TurboGears, but you can choose from many ill
mention Django (which is i think the biggest rival for TG)

On the other hand its a pity that there isnt much choice in cross
platform (win mac lin) GUI platforms until now i was a great fan of GTK
but there isnt a proper port for Mac.
Its also a pity that no one didnt do something based on OpenGL with
python (or maybe im wrong) it could be cool and really cross-platform.

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