[OT] Re: can't open word document after string replacements

Bruno Desthuilliers onurb at xiludom.gro
Tue Oct 24 12:29:17 CEST 2006

Antoine De Groote wrote:
> Bruno Desthuilliers wrote:
>> Antoine De Groote wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I have a word document containing pictures and text. This documents
>>> holds several 'ABCDEF' strings which serve as a placeholder for names.
>>> Now I want to replace these occurences with names in a list (members).
>> Do you know that MS Word already provides this kind of features ?
> No, I don't. Sounds interesting... What is this feature called?

I don't know how it's named in english, but in french it's (well - it
was last time I used MS Word, which is quite some times ago???) "fusion
de documents".

bruno desthuilliers
python -c "print '@'.join(['.'.join([w[::-1] for w in p.split('.')]) for
p in 'onurb at xiludom.gro'.split('@')])"

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