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At Monday 2/10/2006 10:47, Bryan Leber wrote:

>Sorry to bother you again, but I just wanted to give you an update 
>since you have generously helped me. I have it working kind of. I 
>had to fudge it a little bit lol. For some reason if it reads a text 
>file, it will pull out the information and print it to the 
>appropriate file, but if it reads straight from the sys.argv[3] to 
>the pullerList, that's where it has issues, so now I am just writing 
>what is in sys.argv[3] to a text file, then going back and reading 
>it into the pullerList and it seems to be working fine.:) Now onto 
>some polishing up of it. Thanks a lot!

Ah, I guess you are using readlines() to read the file?
 From the command line you'll get "line one\nline two\nline three" so 
you'll have to split it:
lines = received_argument.split('\n')
or perhaps:
lines = received_argument.split('\\n')
(I'm not sure if all involved parties interpret \n the same way...)

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