Screen capture on Linux

Paolo Pantaleo paolopantaleo at
Mon Oct 23 17:15:29 CEST 2006

Thnx everybody for the help,

actually I need somethin slightly different. I found about some
external process that can capture the screen, but since I need to
captyre the screen up to 4-5 times a second, I don't want to fork a
new process every time, so I was looking for some library...[This
method works good on Windows]

If needed, I was thinking to write a C module too. I never did it
before, but I am a not so bad C programmer... any suggestion? What
code can I read and eventually reuse? Would the xwd be useful?

Anyway doesn't it exist a Python binding for let's say X APIs ?
[I know about nothing about X programing]

2006/10/22, Theerasak Photha <hanumizzle at>:
> On 22 Oct 2006 09:06:53 -0700, sjdevnull at <sjdevnull at> wrote:
> > Paolo Pantaleo wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > I need to capture a screen snapshot in Linux. PIL has a module
> > > IageGrab, but in the free version it only works under Windows. Is
> > > there any package to capture the screen on Linux?
> >
> > xwd comes with the X server.  man xwd
> >
> > Most useful is "xwd -root" or similar.  You may want "sleep 5; xwd
> > -root" to give you some time to set things up as needed, or map it to a
> > window manager keybinding.
> The problem with that is that xwd format is a non-standard format, and
> *uncompressed* on top of that. If he wants to distribute the image to
> friends, or whatever, he'll have to convert it to something like png
> anyway. If he's using Linux, he probably doesn't need to use xwd
> anyway and might as well save himself the effort (and HD space) now.
> -- Theerasak
> --

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