Get pexpect to work

Jurian Sluiman jurian at
Sun Oct 29 21:56:57 CET 2006

Ok, somebody helped my and found with "help(child.sendline)" that the
number (7) is the number of characters from my password.

Still there doesn't seem to be that anything strange is happening. With
the logfile printed out, I found that child.expect places a 0 behind the
next rule. Is this always what's happening? And is that 0 causing all my

I'm a newbie with python, so I don't know much about it. This is (again)
the output, but with a sys.stdout line between it:

>>> child = pexpect.spawn("vpnc-connect tudelft\ nopass.conf")
>>> child.logfile = sys.stdout
>>> child.expect(".* password .*: ")
Enter password for wb1264222 at 0
>>> child.sendline("[my_password]")

Any help is really appreciated! I can search on the Internet, but with no
clue to search for and which keywords to use, all results don't help me.


PS. Sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand it.

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