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Sun Oct 22 16:42:10 CEST 2006

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On Saturday 21 October 2006 23:43, R. Bernstein wrote:
> (I think all of this is the case also with pdb, but someone might
> check on this; it's possible breakpoints in pdb start from 0 instead
> of 1 as is the  case in gdb/pydb.)

Thank you for your details. The pdb that I'm talking about, can be found 
in /usr/lib/python2.4/ (an C:\python2.4\lib\ for the win32 
I'll give a look to pydb site...

The previous post I might have missed some explaination on my proceeding. I'd 
say that I'm testing a small program under pdb control 
(python /usr/lib/python2.4/ ./ So pdb will load myprog and 
stop the first line code.
Once I'm at the pdb command line I can issue the commands available inside the 
pdb itself. Concerning the mentioned BP function I meant to set a 
counter/function which let the BP run until reach the true condition. 
Then "condition" is one of the pdb commands which let add a conditon to a BP.
The reference Manual gives information for all the pdb functions, but aren't 
detailed, specially on how to set up BP conditions, like countdown, timed and 
camparison conditions.

Hope I've been clear this time :-)


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