Request for recommendations: shared database without a server

EP eric.pederson at
Thu Oct 5 23:07:22 CEST 2006

Larry Bates wrote:

> So what is going to be holding the "network drive" if it isn't a server?
> And what is MySQL running on?

The network drives are on a filer (a NAS array, I believe).  The filer
will not execute any code, it just serves data by whatever protocols
(example: CIFS, NFS) it is set up for.

I have MySQL running on my client machine for development, populating
itself from csv files out on another network drive which a perl cgi
script updates.  Thick in kludge, I am.

> Isn't it 'odd' that you can expect people to install MS Access but not
> some other program?

Odd and frustrating, but MS Access is "normal".

> I had to use only "existing" database tools, and the data wasn't
> too large or too complicated I would use ODBC to dBase file which
> is built into all versions of Windows that I'm aware of.  I think
> you would find that it would work for small number of users.  With
> some good planning you should also be able to architect application
> so that you can even change the underlying database later without
> too much heartburn.

Interesting idea.


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