Getting a lot of SPAM from this list

Ed Leafe ed at
Mon Oct 23 21:24:47 CEST 2006

On Oct 23, 2006, at 3:13 PM, Larry at, "Bates <Larry  
Bates <larry dot bates at websafe dot  com>" wrote:

> I'm getting a lot of spam to the email address I use to post
> to this list.  Since this email address doesn't appear elsewhere,
> I know that people are scanning this list to get the email
> address and spam me.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to a
> way that I can get less of this spam?  I could have another
> email address, but that won't help as I'd still get the spam
> and have to wade through it.  I'm running spamassassin, but it
> isn't catching all that much of it.  Any suggestions would be
> greatly appreciated.

	Spammers don't scan lists as much anymore; they now rely on machines  
infected with malware to extract addresses out of email programs. I  
know this doesn't help you, but it is good to recognize that it isn't  
always the fault of the list admins.

	I have an advantage in that I run my own mail server, and can create  
as many aliases to my account as I like. When a particular address  
"goes bad", I change that alias to point to /dev/null, and create a  
new one. If it's an alias for a list, I first unsub using the old  
alias, and then re-sub with the new one.

-- Ed Leafe

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