Can recursive descent parser handle Python grammar?

Ben Sizer kylotan at
Mon Oct 2 10:58:04 CEST 2006

seberino at wrote:
> Ben Sizer wrote:
> > seberino at wrote:
> > > I'm a compiler newbie and was curious if Python's language/grammar
> > > can be handled by a recursive descent parser.
> >
> > I believe a recursive descent parser can handle any grammar; it just
> > depends on how pure you want it to be.
> >
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> > Ben Sizer
> Thanks!  What do you mean by 'pure'?

By 'pure' I mean entirely recursive and not iterative. Implementation
becomes easier if you're not writing a purely recursive parsing
program, and it makes it more practical to implement an arbitrary
amount of 'read-ahead'.

Ben Sizer

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