Book about database application development?

Wolfgang Keller wolfgang.keller.nospam at
Mon Oct 23 15:08:24 CEST 2006

> and perhaps a fairly elementary datagrid widget is what is being sought. 


> I'm sure other people can provide links to resources for other toolkits
> and frameworks.

Err, slight misunderstanding. I am _not_ searching for a toolkit or framework 
for database applications.

What I am searching for is a _book_ (or other learning material) about how to 
implement database applications. See subject.

I want to learn this because I want to be able to

- understand the existing frameworks and be able to choos ethe one that suits 
my needs best
- be able to fix bugs
- be able to implement missing things myself
- be able to do things "from scratch" if nothing else helps.

I mentioned Delphi just as an example for a language that I am able to read 



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