Plotting histograms

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Tue Oct 17 06:00:51 CEST 2006

amitsoni.1984 at wrote:
> hi, I have some values(say from -a to a) stored in a vector and I want
> to plot a histogram for those values. How can I get it done in python.
> I have installed and imported the Matplotlib package but on executing
> the code
> [N,x]=hist(eig, 10) # make a histogram
>  I am getting an error saying   "NameError: name 'hist' is not
> defined".

I presume what you did was something like this:

   from matplotlib import pylab
   [N,x] = hist(eig, 10)

What you actually want is this:

   from matplotlib import pylab
   [N,x] = pylab.hist(eig, 10)

Or, if you're at the interactive prompt (but remember that it is inadvisable to 
do so in modules):

   from matplotlib.pylab import *
   [N,x] = hist(eig, 10)

You will probably want to review the section of the tutorial on importing 
modules if you don't understand the differences.

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