Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

skip at skip at
Fri Oct 6 15:20:07 CEST 2006

    Paul> How often should a tracker freeze anyway?  People with no
    Paul> technical knowledge at all run BBS systems that almost never
    Paul> freeze.  Is a tracker somehow more failure-prone?  It's just a
    Paul> special purpose BBS, I'd have thought.

And when those BBS systems get hacked they can be down for extended periods
of time.  I have an old Porsche and participate in the discussion forums at  There is a team of admins to moderate the discussion forums,
but just one guy to do the technical work.  The site is powered by some
common forum software package (really a modern day bbs).  It gets hacked
from time-to-time.  When that happens, we're all left with the DTs while the
board gets put back together.

As for this question from Giovanni:

    Giovanni> Are bug-tracker configuration issues so critical that having
    Giovanni> to wait 48-72hrs to have them fixed is absolutely unacceptable
    Giovanni> for Python development? 

Yes, I think that would put a crimp in things.  The downtimes we see for the
SourceForge tracker tend to be of much shorter duration than that (typically
a few hours) and cause usually minor problems when they occur.  For the
tracker to be down for 2-3 days would make the developers temporarily blind
to all outstanding bug reports and patches during that time and prevent
non-developers from submitting new bugs, patches and comments.  Those people
might well forget about their desired submission altogether and not return
to submit them once the tracker was back up.


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