3d programming without opengl

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Paul McGuire wrote:
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>>  i want to build up a simple 3d interactive geometry application in
>>python. Since i want to run it without 3D acceleration (a scene will
>>be quite simple) I was wondering if there was a library in python that
>>allow me to build 3D graphic without the need to use OpenGL.... I
>>google but i can't find nothing interesting... (the best would be a
>>pure python solution)
>> nelson
> Here's a page (http://www.vrplumber.com/py3d.py) with links to 73 possible 
> libraries.
> I've played with Slut (http://slut.sourceforge.net/) and it is quite easy to 
> work with.  Here's a Flash movie (recorded using Wink) of a sphere that I 
> programmed and rotated about: 
> http://www.geocities.com/ptmcg/python/sphere1.htm, and here is the program 
> that created it: http://www.geocities.com/ptmcg/python/vecSlut2.py.txt.
> The demos that come with Slut are quite impressive, too.  The Slut project 
> web page summarizes them here 
> (http://slut.sourceforge.net/examples/index.html), but the little videos 
> don't do them justice.
Looks like c.l.py just slashdotted you ... """The GeoCities web site you 
were trying to view has temporarily exceeded its data transfer limit. 
Please try again later."""

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