IDE that uses an external editor?

Dan Sommers me at
Mon Oct 16 03:52:02 CEST 2006

On Sun, 15 Oct 2006 23:34:14 +0200,
"Ramon Diaz-Uriarte" <rdiaz02 at> wrote:

> ... I guess, though, that this is very personal ...


> ... and that I might be missing the point of Eclipse (and I don't do
> any Java programming).

The point of Eclipse is to lessen the burden imposed by Java.  :-/

(I can say that now that they've been making me write Java at work for a
few months.  Without starting a language flamewar, I can definitely
understand why the Java folks are so into their IDEs while us Python
folks can get along as well or better with grep and a decent REPL.)


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