Python to use a non open source bug tracker?

Giovanni Bajo noway at
Wed Oct 4 17:18:25 EDT 2006

David Goodger wrote:

> Go back to the original announcement:
> """
> After evaluating the trackers on several points (issue creation,
> querying, etc.), we reached a tie between JIRA and Roundup in terms of
> pure tracker features.
> """
> JIRA gets a leg up because of the hosting and administration also
> being offered. But...
> """
> If enough people step forward we will notify python-dev that Roundup
> should be considered the recommendation of the committee and
> graciously
> turn down Atlassian's offer.
> """
> That is a perfectly reasonable offer. Put up or shut up.

You're cherry picking your quotes:

In order for Roundup to be considered equivalent in terms of an overall
tracker package there needs to be a sufficient number of volunteer admins
(roughly 6 - 10 people) who can help set up and maintain the Roundup

This is *NOT* a perfectly reasonable offer, because you do not see 6-10 people
stepping up at the same time for almost *anything* in the open source world.
Giovanni Bajo

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