How to send E-mail without an external SMTP server ?

fdu.xiaojf at fdu.xiaojf at
Mon Oct 16 11:04:19 CEST 2006

Leo Kislov wrote:
>> Do I have to setup a smtp server on my localhost ?
> You need to use login method
> <>. And by the way, the
> subject of your message is very confusing, you are posting log where
> you're sending email using external server.

Yes, I want to find a way to send email without an external smtp server.

According to Rob's reply, I thought this could be implemented as 
described in
the example code of "SMTP Example" on 
"".  So I tried the code, 
but failed.

Actually I was writing a script that can submit jobs automatically on a 
remote server. I should not submit the jobs all at once, because this 
will take up all resources of the server. I just want a specified number 
of jobs to be running at one time. If one jobs is over, the script 
should submit another job. I run the script with nohup, then I logout.  
The script will take care of all jobs.

But I have to check the status of the script manually, which is very 
inefficient. So I want to be informed automatically by E-mail when all 
jobs are done.

It's not safe if I have to use login method explicitly by which I have 
to put my username and password in the script. I have also tried the 
Unix command 'mail', but without success, either. I could use 'mail' to 
send an E-mail to the user on the server, but I couldn't send an E-mail 
to an external E-mail server. I realized that it may because the port 25 
outgoing connections are blocked, so I gave up. I will have to login 
periodically to check the status of the jobs:-(

Anyway, thank you, Rob, and thank you, Leo.


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