IDE that uses an external editor?

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Sun Oct 15 23:34:14 CEST 2006

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> #> I realize I can do a lot within Emacs/XEmacs, but I suspect with a
> #> tool like Eclipse I could do more. However, I don't want to give up
> #> the text editing power of Emacs to get it.
> I don't know... I have never, personally, used Eclipse, so I cannot
> comment on that. It is highly dependent on what you are working on, I
> presume.

I've tried using Eclipse several times, because several good meaning
people told me things like "you coud do more". But I've always: a)
felt overwhelmed and lost (like in "this is way too complex"); b) felt
deprived of valuable screen real-state (it might be personal thing,
because on my .emacs I turn off the toolbar and menu bar); c)
eventually felt that time reading the Eclipse tutorial and docs would
be better spent reading more of the Emacs manual. I guess, though,
that this is very personal, and that I might be missing the point of
Eclipse (and I don't do any Java programming).

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